guenard photography's photo philosophy


When you book a shoot with Guenard Photography, there are a few things you should know about the way I approach every one of my shoots, and the way I think about photography in general:

Photography, to me, is a way to capture memories perfectly, so that moments in life are never forgotten.  Our mental images of moments in our lives fade over time, or are sometimes completely forgotten, and that is why I love the magic of photographs.  Images are powerful, and allow us to travel back to that time in our life, just for a brief moment.  I never want you to forget the way you laughed together when you were engaged, the way he looked at you on your wedding day, the way your tiny newborn fit in your arms, or the way your family all goofed around together.  I believe photographs are "Love, Beyond Words."

I want to capture you being exactly who you are, I want you to be vulnerable and honest with me when you are in front of my camera.  We are going to have so much fun together!  As long as you focus on just being you, I promise you some terrific memories, and some amazing photos to document them.  When you get your photos back from me, you won't look at them and remember being stressed out about your children's sticky faces or lack of a smile, you'll see your family being the people that you love, and you will feel that love whenever you look through your photos.

Every individual is unique, which means that every one of my photo-shoots is unique, and better than the last.  I strive to take the best photo I ever have, every time I click my shutter, so your photos may very well be the best work I have ever done.  Don't be afraid to collaborate with me, we are in this together, and we both want these photographs to look incredible.  Use me as a resource while you're preparing, text me outfit ideas, ask me all your questions, I've got lot's of great advice if you need it.

We will get to know each-other quite well over the course of our time together, which is one of the reasons so many of my clients also become great friends.  My aim is to perfectly capture you as you are, so please, be real with me, be open, and be vulnerable.  I promise I will do the same, and we will create and preserve some incredible memories.